Parts mounted on a continuous open-mesh conveyor use an Air Blast System to blow water out of the pockets in the parts. The high-velocity air blast also removes the water droplets.


In the final stages of a battery process line is a washer and dryer. A water blow-off air knife system after the water can blow off about 90% of the water. If the washer water is hot, then following the Air Blast air knife system most of the moisture left on the battery will evaporate.

Parts are often processed on table top conveyors. They can either be wire mesh typically stainless steel conveyors of plastic Interlox type conveyors. Air knives will almost always remove more of the water from the part if the conveyor is open mesh (say 60% open mesh or better. If you are going to be blowing off a part and you plan to blow off both the top and the bottom of the part you will be blowing from the top and bottom of the part. When this is necessary it is especially important that the mesh of the belt is very open. The wire mesh stainless steel belt is the best for this application and should always be used whenever practical.