Processing continuous lines of metal or rubber often requires water cooling or washing the continuous strip. Air Blast air knives blow the water off of the strip after they have been washed.


Air Knives blow water off of extruded, tube, channels, angles, etc. after they have been cooled in a water bath.

Continuous strip and extrusion drying are an ideal air knife application.  They all typically have one common theme. They are usually pressed to form one shape or another through a die or out of a ban bury mixer. Following the press they are either quenched with water or they will enter a bath. Following the bath there is where the air knife or air knives will remove the water from the extrusion and they are packed. Depending on what is being extruded there is still typically some temperature internal to the extrusion so some further flash drying occurs following the air knife water removal.

Air Blast nozzles are sometimes used when there is a channel or a grove that is holding water, but more often than not it is an air knife.

Some of the more common applications for continuous strip blow off are.

  • Drying aluminum or steel strips.
  • Rubber being extruded from a ban bury mixer.
  • Plastic or PVC. Shapes vary widely and they can often be channel parts.