Air Knives for Cans & Bottles drying:

The Air Blast high velocity Air Knife system has been designed to blow water off cans at high speed. Can lines now run over 2,000 cans per minute, and require a very exacting and efficient water removal system. The critical areas on cans are the top, especially for flip-top cans, and the jet coding area.

Mounting Hardware:

Air Knife Adjustable Mounting Hardware has stainless steel brackets and is mounted to conveyor frame. Air Knives can be quickly adjusted both vertical and horizontal. A support- clamping knob on each connection makes for a quick adjustment.

Air knives have been used for years to remove water from cans and bottles.
Beer companies, soft drink companies, packaged food companies, and just about any kind of food packaging company has a need for air knives.

In breweries where pasteurizing is necessary the air knives will remove water from several different places on a line. There is typically an air knife immediately following the pasteurizer itself. Then immediately following this air knife there is a bubbler that’s purpose is to rinse the water/ chlorine from the pasteurizer off of the can. There is typically an air knife or set of air knives post bubbler to remove this water. Often another air knife is used to blow off the upside down can in the area that the ink jet / or laser code is going to be. Further down the line the cans are often turned from an upside down orientation, to a right side up orientation, following this last stage and prior to a loader in feed the can is blown off one last time. The final air knife also addresses the condensate in the breweries in humid environments in the summer months.

Soft drink companies have similar needs for air knives as breweries. The applications are basically identical.

Bottling companies have also been more and more looking to using thinner/ smaller cardboard packages. There are several advantages to this. It is better for the environment because less trees are used in the packaging of their products. Also, it saves money. It’s a double win, and for this reason they have been needing to pack drier and drier not to compromise the packaging. This is one area that air knives are also considered being a form of green technology.