The Air Blast belt wiper Air Knife is designated to blow off granular material from an endless belt. Regardless of the material being conveyed, a small amount of fine particles cling to the conveyor belt. The belt wiper’s high-velocity air jet is effective at removing granule material such as aggregate, sugar, cereal, coal, grain, metal chips, sand, etc.

The belt wiper Air Knife does not have any contact parts with the conveyor belt, therefore no wearing parts. After the belt wiper Air knife is installed, it does not require any adjusting.

Air Blast Inc. belt wipers have been used for years and are available in different pressures for various different conditions.

The Standard Velocity air knives are typically used when the belt is dry. For the standard velocity applications some of the more common ones are for blowing paper, wood chips, and dry granular material.

The High Velocity air knives are typically used when the belts are wet. The typical applications are for sand and gravel, copper, mining, gold mining, concrete rock, and sand.

Extra High Velocity air knife systems are used in applications where the belts are both wet, and sticky. Items that are typical for this are in coal mining, iron ore mining, and just generally where wet mucky material is being conveyed.

Belt wiper systems can be used to replace the scraper on the belt. However, often times the belt wiper air knife systems are used to follow a belt wiper. They can complement each other and keep the material at the drop off point. These Belt Wiper systems can save companies a great deal of money, both in the cost of the replacement belts as well as the reduced cost of cleaning up all of the carry over.

Some of the main advantages of an air knife over a belt scraper.

  • There are no wearing parts
  • They greatly increase the belt life.
  • No adjustments are required once they are installed
  • They do not affect the mechanical splices of the belts because they do not touch the belts.