Air Blast Inc. has been a pioneer in the Air Knife industry with patents on the high-velocity, high-efficiency blow-off systems. We have been making our patented Air Knives in the United States for over 30 years. Air Blast Inc. was established in 1973 to build engineered air blow off systems.

Air Blast Inc. has a variety of different Air Knife systems that are custom designed to meet the necessary velocities and air-flow rates for each individual application. With an experienced engineering staff, you will be confident that our systems will always be designed with expertise.

Air Blast Inc. Air Knives are used for a variety of different applications. Our primary applications are for drying. However, you can use an Air Knife for a number of other applications.

Some examples of Air Knife applications are:

  • Blowing water off parts on overhead conveyors as part of a 3-stage or 5-stage parts-washing system.
  • Removing water from plated parts prior to removing them from the rack.
  • Blowing the water off parts on a tabletop conveyor prior to packing or further processing.
  • Removing water from food packages after a shrink-wrap tunnel, prior to packing and labeling.
  • Blowing water off of various types of extruded products, glass and wood.
  • Creating an air curtain on an oven to keep the hot air in the oven.
  • Using Air Knives to blow water off of cans and bottles. This is typically done prior to a labeler, an ink-jet coder, or prior to packing.
  • Removing water and various types of materials off of the conveyor belts themselves.
  • Blowing water off of continuous sheets of rubber or asphalt.
  • Removing a static charge from parts on conveyors.
  • Controlling the depth of coatings on food items.
  • Creating a sheet of air to separate a variety of items of different densities.

Air Blast Inc. systems operate using standard centrifugal blowers. We build and sell a wide variety of blowers for various applications. We can deliver velocities from 5000 FPM to over 38,000 FPM. Our blowers are built direct drive. Our blowers are available in stainless steel and standard carbon steel with a powder coating finish. Besides selling Air Blast Inc. blowers that we build, we also sell regenerative blowers and aluminum-cast pressure blowers. We will always recommend the best possible blower for your application, not just the blowers that we build. We do this because although we do build blowers, we don’t consider ourselves to be a bower company; our main concern is building the best Air Knife system possible. We build the complete Air Knife system that is best for your application.

Air Knife Options

  • Air Blast Inc. Air Knives are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This gives us a lot of latitude in designing the Air Knives that will best suit your needs.
  • Air Knives built by Air Blast Inc. are available in 2 1/2″, 4″ and 6″ diameter. This allows us to be compact when we have to be and lower the pressure losses in the system on larger applications. The wide range of different sizes also allows us to build very large systems. We have built Air Knives as small as 1″ and as long as 20′.
  • Air Blast Inc. has a variety of different types of mounting hardware that make mounting and set up very simple. The mounting hardware also allows you to make line changes quick and easy. The inlets on our Air Knives are also available in a variety of different configurations. This enables us more flexibility of design. We can feed the air into the end of the Air Knife or the center, and at different angles.
  • We also make Air Knives with extended blades, as pictured in the photo above. Extended blade Air Knives can slip up and in between roller conveyors and into difficult hard-to-reach places.
  • Air Blast Inc. Air Knives are available in 316-grade stainless steel and aluminum. The hardware is always stainless steel.