Aerosol Cans

The aerosol can top is filled with water following submersion in the water tank. The water should be removed quickly to eliminate rusting and water stains. A high velocity “Air Blast System” Air Knife is used to remove the water.


Shrink Wrapped Packages

Labels adhere better.

Dry packages prior to placing into boxes.

Aerosol cans have historically had a great deal of corrosion issues in the nozzle area. By placing an air knife in line with the direction of flow of the aerosol cans blowing directly into the cavity, you can remove most all of the water solving the problem. Often times the sides of the cans are also addressed.

In regards to meat, and cheese packages, they are almost always shrink wrapped. They typically go through a Cryovac type machine that uses steam and heat to shrink the plastic wrap around the package. In these applications the air knife removes the water from the package following the shrink wrap tunnel and then the label is adhered to the package.